Meet the Team


Dr. Gary France


Doc Gary (DVM and Practice Owner): Dr Gary France, born July 25th 1949 in Fort Smith to Leon “Buck” France and Duane Wright-France, has worked and interacted with animals his whole life. From farm to vet, Dr Gary started his education as an undergraduate at the University of Arkansas from 1967-1969 and soon moved on to Oklahoma State University Veterinary School where he earned his DVM in 1973. Dr Gary and wife, Donna, had twin daughters their second year into veterinary school and a son after he graduated. After graduating, Dr. Gary worked at Prairie Creek from 1973-1976 when he opened the Pea Ridge Veterinary Clinic on November 1st, 1976. Both Dr. Gary and Mrs. Donna have successfully operated the clinic since with the mission of making veterinary care affordable and welcoming everyone as family. Dr. Gary is particularly known, but not limited to, his Ear Crops on dogs and his quality work with equine.

Dr. Brett Hopkins


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Dr. John Muller


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Veterinary Support Team

Donna France

Practice Owner

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Sherry Scism

Office Manager

Sherry was born in Altus, OK, and raised in Eldorado, AR. Moved up here for her ex-husband’s job in 1989 and worked for Walmart as a replenisher until 1996. Later she went to work for consumer test labs in 1997 as an administration assistant for over 10 years. She joined the team at Pea Ridge Vet Clinic in April 2014.

Sherry loves animals and everything about working with them. A month after she began working at Pea Ridge Vet Clinic, she knew this was the right place for her.

Outside of work she has been married for 26 years and has 4 children, 13 grandchildren, 6 great-grandchildren, and 5 dogs.

Joey Birge

Veterinary Technician

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Amber Campbell

Veterinary Technician

Amber Campbell is a Vet Tech at the Pea Ridge Vet Clinic. She started working at the veterinary practice in May 2016. Born and raised in Bakersfield, California, Amber eventually moved to Arkansas 23 years ago to be closer to her family. She has always had a passion for working with animals and enjoys helping with surgeries and drawing blood.

Amber feels that she has found her calling in the veterinary industry, where she gets to work alongside other Vet Techs and doctors who share her love for animals. In her free time, Amber enjoys spending time near bodies of water, such as lakes, and taking her three German shepherds for a run. She also has a passion for the ocean and hopes to visit one soon.

Emili Milan

Veterinary Technician

Emili started at Pea Ridge Vet Clinic in June 2022. She moved to Arkansas for college and is currently a Junior at the University of Arkansas majoring in Pre-professional animal science. Emili is an advocate for animals and enjoys helping them.

Emilyanne L.

Veterinary Technician

Emilyanne started at Pea Ridge Vet Clinic in 2019. She is currently a student going to the University of Arkansas for a Biochemistry degree. She has a twin sister, Elizabeth Ley who also works at the clinic.

Carolyn T.

Veterinary Technician

Carolyn was born in Modesto, California and moved to northwest Arkansas in 2012. She began working as a Veterinary Technician in March of 2022. She always had a strong interest in veterinary medicine and decided to see if she was capable of pursuing a career in the field.

Her favorite thing about working with animals is the daily responsibilities are always different. Each patient teaches her something new and helps her to improve her skills as a veterinary technician. Carolyn knew she was in the right profession when it didn’t feel like a chore to get out of bed and go to work. It felt like an extension of her home and a place where she could truly be herself and grow as a person.

Her life outside of work consists of more animals. She has a pet-sitting business outside of the clinic so her days are never slow. She also partakes in dog sports and puts a lot of training into her dogs when time allows. Carolyn considers herself to be a dog snob and has been partial to the Doberman breed for as long as she can remember.

Jackie R.

Veterinary Technician

Jackie joined the team at Pea Ridge Vet Clinic in August 2022. She has always loved animals. She also has medical experience with humans, but she can honestly say that she loves working with animals more!

She knew she was in the right profession when she got up in the morning and was excited to see what the day held for her at work!

Jackie is a single mother of two, a daughter and a son, she lives with her mother, and her mother helps her with her children. She is the youngest child of both her mother and father. Her mother worked as a nurse for several years and her father was an over-the-road truck driver.

McKenzie P.

Veterinary Technician

McKenzie has lived in Pea Ridge for most of her life and all of her family is from Pea Ridge. She started at Pea Ridge Vet Clinic in July 2021. She loves animals! She loves the unconditional love that you can get from them and the joy from knowing that she really helped an animal that was suffering.

She knew she was in the right position during her second week working here. She got such a feeling of accomplishment from being able to work rooms and handle patients on her own.

McKenzie loves to read and spend time with her family. She has a very large family and they have get togethers often to see each other.

Amy R.

Large Animal Technician

Amy is from Hershey PA, a college graduate and is a retired Thoroughbred race horse trainer! After retiring from horse training Amy gladly accepted the position at the clinic to get west of the Mississippi!

Amy has loved horses all her life and hasn't worked a day without them and this job allows Amy to continue to be with them. "I can’t imagine a day without them around me"!

Amy has an amazing son, who is a wildlife biologist! He works with mountain lions. How cool! He is Amy's pride and joy and loves horses as much as his mother!

Katelyn B.

Large Animal Technician

Katelyn works as a large animal tech here at Pea Ridge! Even though she works in Pea Ridge, I she does not reside here! She was born and raised in McDonald County where she still lives! Katelyn went to school in the McDonald County school district, then graduated collage with an Associates Degree in Pre Veterinary Medicine!

Katelyn knew from a young age she was going to work with animals! Being raised on a farm she was around livestock, dogs, cats and absolutely loved taking care of them and trying to sneak more home. "Interacting with the animals and helping them feel better and heal is an amazing feeling"! Katelyn knew she was in the right profession when we have an animal come in, owners in a panic because the animal is their baby, or they just don't want to loose it and she is able to keep a level head and work on the animal. She is able to calm the owners mind and help. Katelyn doesn't panic or stress. It just comes naturally to work on the animals!

She loves getting to pull calves and get them breathing, watching a once lame horse walk on the trailer. This profession is not for the weak hearted, but it is so rewarding!

Outside of work, she is never still! She owns a farm with her husband Hayden, The Rocking HBK Farms, where they raise beef cattle, their own horses and raise others animals as well! She grew up on a farm, working outside, playing in the mud and she is not scared to get dirty! In her free time she has, even though it is a small amount, she likes to use her artistic abilities! She paints windows, makes shirts, wood burns and just stays busy! She loves getting to wake up and learn something new at work everyday that she can use in her life at home!

Elizabeth L.

Veterinary Technician

Elizabeth started at Pea Ridge Vet Clinic in 2019. She is a Junior at the University of Arkansas and currently lives in Bentonville but her grandparents live in Pea Ridge.

She has always wanted to work with animals since she was little, and her major is currently Pre-vet. Elizabeth’s favorite thing about working with animals is seeing all of their different personalities and giving them the help they need.

She knew she was in the right profession because she loves all of the animals that come into the clinic and she loves her job.

Kailee Ford

Veterinary Technician

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Bree Fernandez

Veterinary Technician

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Sara Bickford


Born and raised in Northwest Arkansas, Mackenzie is a third-generation “France” to enter the veterinary field.

She has grown up in the veterinary industry her whole life. She has never known a time apart from animals. She loves that they get to take care of the family that they choose and help these animals who cannot speak for themselves. Mackenzie believes animals are extensions of humans and they are unjudging (most of the time) and smart and characteristic and love you unconditionally and they deserve that same unconditional love and care. She finds peace in being able to give these animals the best and healthiest (and most spoiled) lives that they deserve.

When Mackenzie was younger, all she wanted to do was be like her dad and grandfather and be able to play with animals all day. When she got a little older, she tried to fight against that urge and say she didn’t want to go into that field, but eventually, she found her way back and love being able to connect with her father and grandfather over the practice.

Mackenzie is currently in a long-time relationship. She has 2 dogs, Delilah who is 4 years old ( a Shiba Inu mix that she rescued from the clinic in high school), and Louie who is 3 years old (a clumsy Bernedoodle). She recently rescued 2 cats, Nacho (Scottish fold) and Chimi (Scottish straight). Although she isn’t continuing the veterinarian legacy, she hopes to carry on a form of it and aspire to change as many lives as her father and grandfather have.

Shona M.


Shona moved to Pea Ridge with her parents from Norfolk, Virginia when she was 5 years old and never left. She loves animals and if she could, she would take them all home with her. She always wanted to create an animal haven where she could take in any animal that was neglected or didn’t have a home.

Shona always knew this was the right place for her especially when she helped save a dog that was left for dead in an apartment that the owner had moved out of. It was a feeling that she had never experienced before that. It was very rewarding to save an animal and find him a wonderful home with a family who loves him.

She obviously loves animals, loves her family, and is very protective over her mother and grandson. There’s nothing she wouldn’t do for them.

Irene V.


Irene was born in Mexico but raised in Arkansas. She moved here from Corona, California when she was 1 year old due to the fact that her parents found a better living environment for them.

She feels it was destiny that put her here at the right time and she doesn’t regret it one bit. Her favorite part about her job is that she works with all the different colors, breeds, and sizes of dogs, cats, horses, goats, and sheep. Don’t forget the raccoons along with the rabbits!

It took her a while to realize that working at a vet clinic was the right profession for her. It wasn’t until she saw everything that goes into running a clinic and helping fur babies that she realized this was where she needed to be.

Irene has a lovely family of eight that includes four boys and two girls. She loves spending time with her family, playing board games, and planning their weekends together. Her personal interest is to provide for her family so that they can grow and learn different things. Her passion is to help others in need.

Betty Hency

Team Member

Betty Hency, also known as the Pea Ridge Vet Hillbilly by our clinic family, has been working with animals for as long as she can remember. She remembers growing up sleeping in the barn with them! Betty loves dancing and helping the animals and everyone knows when it's 5 o’clock because Betty's music starts!

Maggie Munoz


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